How can iPhone apps benefit from AWS (Amazon Web services) cloud?

Mobile app development has now become an integral part of modern business operations. More organizations are investing in mobile development to ride on the wave of growing internet user numbers.


Crucial Role of Mobile Apps

The international telecommunications Union (ITU) says there are over 3.29 billion internet users today. Of these, over 75% are accessing the internet using mobile devices. Google says mobile internet traffic has already surpassed desktop driven traffic to the internet. Mobile apps offer on-the-go marketing opportunities with instant availability on mobile devices.

Better still, organizations enjoy real-time data while also boosting customer engagement. With their convenience, it is no wonder that recent studies show mobile users are spending more time on mobile apps as opposed to mobile websites. If your organization is planning to leverage the growing mobile internet numbers, it is time to learn how you can develop a highly effective app using AWS (Amazon Web services) cloud.

Understanding AWS (Amazon Web services) cloud

Since 2006, Amazon Web services (AWS) has grown into a cloud computing platform. This has become the go-to hosting platform for mobile apps due to its natural appeal. Many household names have benefitted from the reliable AWS services including Airbnb, Expedia , Foursquare Adobe, Pinterest, Zynga, Comcast, Nokia, Yelp, Samsung, Pfizer, Pacific Life Insurance, Netflix, Lionsgate, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) among others.

AWS is unique and highly recommended in the IT industry, especially in mobile app development, because of the following benefits:

  • Scalability – While most businesses start small, they all have an objective to grow bigger. This is part of their overall vision and with an AWS cloud based system, it is easier to grow your company’s potential. You can still depend on the system even when your website traffic grows.
  • Lower costs – There are no upfront costs when using Amazon Web services (AWS). More importantly, you only pay for what you use which is a great option for mobile development startups. This means the app customers of mobile app development services will also pay less.
  • Flexibility – Mobile developers are able to choose between different systems depending on the needs of the client. It is possible to build mobile apps using different languages and frameworks which allow you to choose the right tools for your app.
  • Reliability – This is one of the key considerations in mobile app development. AWS provides tools for developers to utilize to create reliable systems such as Cloud Watch, elastic load balancer, Cloud Formation and Trusted Advisor, all which are aimed at enhancing reliability even in case of server failure.

AWS (Amazon Web services) Cloud Technologies

AWS still remains every mobile developer’s dream come true for many reasons. It is highly recommended due to the capacity it offers to an iPhone Apps Development Company. The following are a few of the technologies that you can use to build a reliable mobile app:

  1. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): This is a secure scalable storage option which features 3 different storage classes to suit different types of users. You can easily save and retrieve data items.
  2. Amazon EC2 – Virtual Server: Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) allows resizable computing in the cloud. This means applications are easier to administer and scale as needs arise. If you want to host a mobile app on the cloud with AWS, the Elastic Compute Cloud is where you should start.
  3. Amazon VPC – Virtual Private Cloud: With security being a big concern in cloud computing, it is important for developers to have in place the necessary safeguards. This helps in compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI, and HITECH among others. This is exactly what Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) offers you. You are able to protect your data and applications. Amazon also allows you to create hardware Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the VPC and your data center.
  4. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS): Your server app can send notification messages to individual devices or multiple devices at the same time depending on your needs.
  5. Amazon Kinesis: This is a platform that allows your app to handle large streams of data. This helps overcome the challenges most applications have when it comes to streaming of large volumes of data. This offers a guarantee that data will be delivered to its destination.

There are other features which make Amazon Web services (AWS) an ideal hosting platform for mobile apps including AWS Lambda, Amazon Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) and Amazon RDS (Relational Database).


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